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Cooperative Tree Planting Program

Residents can have a tree planted on their parkway as part of the Village's Cooperative Tree Planting Program. The Cooperative Tree Planting Program is offered prior to the spring and the fall planting seasons. This program allows residents to select a tree from a list of species (which may vary from year to year) with the option to upgrade to a larger size. Participation in the shared-cost Cooperative Tree Planting Program allows the Village to maximize the number of trees planted annually, which helps keep our community green! 

Residents are encouraged to contact the Forestry Division with any questions regarding tree planting in the parkway and locations for planting new trees in the parkway. All public planting locations and species must be approved by the Forestry Division. Contact the Forestry Division using the form below or call 847-853-7587 or 853-7600. 

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