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Wilmette Power Purchasing Program - WP3

Price Renewal

The Village of Wilmette’s electric aggregation program has been extremely successful in providing Wilmette residents and business owners with reduced electricity costs in its first year. Wilmette, along with the other members of the Lakeshore Power Alliance, were able to lock in rates approximately 4% lower than ComEd’s prices for a one-year period beginning June 1, 2015 to May 31, 2016.

The agreement with electric supplier MC Squared Energy Services (mc2) allows Wilmette to stay competitive with current pricing by resetting the price once a year. Wilmette’s new rates will be 6.88 cents per kilowatt-hour (kWh) for the basic rate and 7.02 cents per kWh for the Individual Choice Green Power Program. Residents currently enrolled in the program will continue to receive their current price of 6.719 centers per kWh (6.859 cents per kWh for the Green Power Program) through billing cycles ending May 31, 2015.  

How Residents Can Save and Continue Saving

Participants will receive a letter from the Village and mc2 informing them of the upcoming rate change. Residents and small business owners who are still under ComEd for electricity supply will receive letters notifying them that they are being enrolled in the program for year two. As always, there is no obligation to participate in the program and participants can elect to leave the program at any time.

Additionally, eligible ComEd customers can join the program at any time. Billing and service will remain the same for all program participants –  they will continue to receive a single bill from ComEd, and continue to be eligible for all ComEd payment options, including e-bill, automatic bill payment and budget billing. ComEd continues to be responsible for the wires, poles, and all emergencies, including outage restoration.    

Residents may find more information on the Village’s electricity aggregation program at www.lakeshorepoweralliance.com or by calling 1-855-564-8129. 

If you are a new resident, or are not a WP3 participant, and would like to enroll in the program, you can enroll online at www.lakeshorepoweralliance.com/wilmette.aspx or call mc2 at 1-855-564-8129. To view an informational brochure, click here.
To contact mc2 go to www.lakeshorepoweralliance.com, call 1-855-564-8129, or email LakeShore@mc2energyservices.com.

For more information, read the details of the program below or contact John Prejzner, Assistant to the Village Manager, at prejznerj@wilmette.com or (847) 853-7502.
Misleading Solicitations Information
With the recent agreement with mc2 for WP3, residents have seen an increased number of calls and mail solicitations to switch their supply of electricity from ComEd to other suppliers. Please be advised that any mailings not on Village letterhead are not related to WP3 and should be read carefully. The Village, or mc2, will not contact you by phone and will never ask you for your ComEd account number. Click here to read a press release about misleading solicitations about electrical supply. To file a complaint about a misleading solicitation, residents are urged to contact the Illinois Commerce Commission at 1 (800) 524-0795 or by going to www.icc.illinois.gov/consumer/complaint.

Individual Choice Green Power Program
In addition to reducing the rates of electricity, the Village has worked with mc2 to allow WP3 participants to individually choose a renewable electricity option through WP3. This option will allow participants to purchase Renewable Energy Credits (RECs) at their discretion equal to  their electricity supply usage. Should participants elect this option, their rate will be 7.02 c/kWh. To sign up for this program, follow these steps:
  1. Go to: www.lakeshorepoweralliance.com and click on Wilmette Power Purchasing Program
  2. Select: Individual Choice MC2 100% Green Power Program
  3. Enter: Email address, zip code, ComEd account number, then authorize and submit
You may also call mc2 directly at 1-855-564-8129 and ask for the enrollment department. 
Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is deregulation?

On December 16, 1997, the State of Illinois implemented a plan to deregulate Commonwealth Edison (“ComEd”). Under this plan, ComEd no longer generates electricity for its customers but continues to provide power generated by others through its distribution system.

2. What is electrical aggregation?

Electrical aggregation is a program that allows local governments to bundle – or aggregate – residential and small commercial retail electric accounts and seek bids for a cheaper source of power. Currently, ComEd customers receive power at a price set each year by the Illinois Power Agency, a not-for-profit quasi-governmental body that buys electricity on the wholesale market on behalf of utility customers. By bundling residential and small commercial accounts, municipalities can go out into the open market to seek a lower rate for electric power for property owners. Large industrial and commercial customers already have this option, which has only recently become available to residential and small business property owners.

3. What does opt-out mean?

All residential and small commercial electricity users will be included in the customer base unless they affirmatively choose not to participate. The opportunity to opt out will be available to customers after the bids are received and the electric rate and identity of the supplier are made known to customers.

4. Who will be ineligible for the WP3 program?

Business customers with an annual usage of 15,000 kWh or higher are not eligible for the program.

All other residential and small commercial customers would be eligible.

5. I have already signed up for an opt-in program on my own. Am I still eligible for the Village’s WP3 program?

If you have already signed up with an alternate electrical supplier on your own, you would not be switched over to the Village’s program. Upon termination or expiration of your individual contract, you would then be eligible to switch over to the Village’s program if you choose to do so. Also, if you are in the ComEd Residential Real Time Pricing Program (RRTP), you will not be automatically switched over.

If you would like to switch from your current supplier or from RRTP, please call mc2 at 1-855-564-8129.

6. What will be the cost to the Village to operate this program? 

Due to the complexities of the program and the bidding process, the Village has partnered with the Illinois Community Choice Aggregation Network (ICCAN). The costs for hiring ICCAN will be paid for out of the Village's operating fund and will not impact the rate negatively whatsoever.

7. Will I receive a separate bill for the supply of electricity? 

No, the energy supply charge is already on ComEd bills and will remain there.  The bill format will remain the same as it does today. ComEd customers will receive the bill via mail or electronically and will remit payment in the same current manner.

8. What if my power goes out – will I need to call the company providing the power?

No. ComEd is responsible for ensuring that electricity flows through its distribution network to all homes and businesses in Wilmette. Aggregation would not change how ComEd responds to outages.

9. Will the Village Government receive any benefits by operating this program?

The Village derives no additional benefit other than reducing electrical rates for its residents and business owners. The ultimate goal of the process is to save residents and business owners money on their electric bills.

For additional questions, please contact John Prejzner, Assistant to the Village Manager, at (847) 853-7502 or prejznerj@wilmette.com.

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