Village Set to Exceed Goals of Affordable Housing Plan

In January 2019, the Illinois Housing Development Authority contacted municipalities across the State, encouraging communities to review the goals of their affordable housing plans. As part of this review, the Village of Wilmette is pleased to announce that it projects to exceed the goal established in its affordable housing plan to have at least 15 percent of new multi-family housing units constructed as affordable.

In 2003, the State of Illinois adopted Public Act 93-0595, the Affordable Housing Planning and Appeals Act of Illinois (“AHPAA”), which required municipalities with fewer than 10 percent affordable housing units to adopt an Affordable Housing Plan. While the Village of Wilmette, as a home rule government, is not required to abide by the requirements of the AHPAA, the Village in 2004 created its own Affordable Housing Plan to demonstrate the community’s commitment to a proactive but reasoned approach to providing additional affordable housing.

The Village’s 2004 plan set a goal, in conformance with the AHPAA, that 15 percent of all new residential development and redevelopment would be affordable. Per the Village’s plan, the goal is pursued by concentrating attention on multi-family buildings. Since the plan’s adoption, four multi-family development projects have been approved by the Village. “We are pleased that once the Housing Opportunity Development Corporation’s (HODC) housing project at 1925 Wilmette Avenue is constructed, more than 15 percent of all newly constructed multi-family units in Wilmette will be affordable,” said Community Development Director John Adler.

In addition to its commitment to affordable housing in new multi-family development, the Village of Wilmette in 2015 established Housing Our Own – Wilmette, a not-for-profit corporation, to provide financial housing assistance to low income Wilmette senior citizens and persons with disabilities. Through developer contributions obtained by the Village and generous support from Wilmette residents, Housing Our Own – Wilmette provides nearly $40,000 in annual housing assistance to Wilmette residents and increased its monthly financial assistance by 12.5 percent effective January 1, 2019.

Village of Wilmette Contact: Wilmette Community Development Director John Adler at 847-853-7528 or

Housing Opportunity Development Corporation Contact: Executive Director Richard Koenig at 847-564-2900

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