Board Takes Steps to Improve Skokie Boulevard and Lake Avenue

The Village Board is taking action to improve the intersection of Skokie Boulevard and Lake Avenue, which has been identified as a critical project due to safety concerns. These are high volume and high-speed corridors which makes pedestrian travel very difficult. The project includes modernized traffic signals, shortened crosswalks, improved pedestrian visibility, and improved sidewalk access.  The Board approved a contract at its April 23 meeting to advance the first phase of the project, which includes engineering services. The two roads are under the jurisdiction of the State and Cook County, but given the impact to residents, the Village initiated the project and is taking the lead on managing it, leveraging $700,000 in federal funds, along with some state, county and local funds. This initial phase will be completed this year and construction is anticipated to begin in 2021. Read agenda item 3.23 and watch the board meeting discussion.

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