Village of Wilmette Dedicates New Fire Engine with ‘Push-In’ Ceremony

The Wilmette Fire Department officially dedicated its new Pierce Engine #27 on Saturday, May 18, 2019, with a ceremonial push-in and community celebration. Many residents, Village personnel and fire department retirees attended the family-friendly event. Attendees had the opportunity to view vintage fire trucks as well as receive free giveaways.

Wilmette Fire Chief Ben Wozney told the crowd, “When building a fire engine, there are no fire department dealerships out there where you go and say, ‘I’ll take the red one.’ The process took18 months and included hundreds of specifications. This was built specifically for the Wilmette Fire Department.”

The $650,000 Pierce fire engine features state-of-the-art equipment including a larger 750-gallon water tank which holds 250 more gallons than other engines in the fleet. It also sits lower and has a full windshield in the front, allowing for improved visibility. Other key features include a full windshield to improve visibility, sits lower to the ground, a 35-foot extension ladder which creates better access to a building’s third story, and an enhanced suspension for improved rideability.

Wozney said, “The addition of this vehicle to our fleet will ensure a faster, safer and more effective emergency response for our staff and the residents of the Village of Wilmette.”

Members from the Fire Department, Finance Department, Public Works Department, and Village Manager’s Office worked in conjunction for more than a year in the planning, designing and field inspections of this new engine.

Wilmette Village Manager Timothy Frenzer expressed appreciation to the community for their support of the Wilmette Fire Department. He said that the ceremonial push-in is important because it unites several generations of firefighters, similar to a Navy ship commissioning. “Some memories will be happy and sad, but they are united by their shared experiences,” Frenzer added. “And, when the alarms sound, whether it’s in the next week, next day or next hour, people will climb aboard and when they do, we are grateful for their service and pray they return safely.”

The Fire Department will conduct training on the new engine over the next several months before it is officially put into service.

Watch video from May 18 Dedication Ceremony

Contact: Fire Chief Benjamin Wozney,, 847-251-1101

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