Locust Road Construction Update

Work on the west side of Locust Road is scheduled to begin the week of August 26.  At that time, traffic will be moved to the east side of the roadway; traffic will remain one-way northboundSouth of Wilmette Junior High School, there will be a car pool lane and a thru lane; north of Wilmette Junior High School, there will be one thru lane.

The scope of work for the west side includes pavement removal, curb removal, driveway removal, earth excavation, stone base, curbs, driveways, street lighting, and asphalt paving.  The project is on schedule for November 15th substantial completion.

Because the Village places tremendous value on its trees, for all capital projects (including Locust Road), the Village supports significant investment in precautions to minimize impacts to critical tree root zones.

Originally, none of the nearly 80 trees within the project limits were scheduled for removal as part of the Locust Road project.  Despite many precautions, a recent evaluation of the trees determined there were root system impacts that compromised the structural integrity of eight trees.

Many factors (species, health, maturity, amount of root damage, proximity to pedestrian walkways and roadways, susceptibility to fungal root decay, overhead powerlines, past canopy pruning, potential for catastrophic failure, wind throw, etc.) were considered prior to making the unwanted decision on tree removal.  Eight trees have been removed in the interest of public health, safety, and welfare.

Replacement plans for the removed treest are currently under development.  More details will be shared in a future update.

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