Village Approves Moratorium on Cannabis Businesses in Wilmette

At the October 22 meeting, the Village Board approved a moratorium for the operation of any cannabis business establishments within the Village. Per the terms of the moratorium, the Village will not be allowing the sale of recreational cannabis within the Village limits. The reasoning for such a moratorium is to allow the Village more time to study the impact such business may or may not have, the amount of revenue such business may generate, review the State’s administrative rules in regards to cannabis sales once they are published and determine the appropriate vehicle for public input. Furthermore, the Village will consider placing a referendum question on the November 2020 ballot which would allow the public to provide input on the matter. A final discussion and determination whether to conduct a referendum will take place closer to the November 2020 Presidential election date as required by state election laws.

This moratorium does not have any impact upon the new lawful authority of individuals to purchase, possess and use cannabis within the limitations provide by state law

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