Stormwater Utility Fee Billing Delayed to Quarter Two for Multi-Family and Non-Residential Properties.

Non-single family residential properties including commercial properties, multi-family properties, houses of worship, and private educational institutions will be assessed the Stormwater Utility fee beginning in the second quarter of 2020. The reason for this delay is because the Village is currently finalizing the credit and incentive program for Village properties. The second quarter water bill for these property types will include Stormwater Utility fees for quarter one and quarter two combined. The fee for these property types will be calculated based on each property’s individual impervious surface area measurement, the formula for this calculation is below:

Non-Single Family Residential
Based solely on number of impervious surface, thus ERUs, on a property.
Square feet of impervious surface / 1 ERU Square Feet * ERU Rate + Fixed Cost
Example: 14,360 sq. ft. / 3,590 sq. ft. * $104 + $40 = $456.

Equivalent Runoff Unit (ERU) – A unit of measure of Impervious Surface that represents the Impervious Surface area on a typical Single-Family Residential Parcel. 3,590 square feet of Impervious Area shall equal one ERU.

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