Face Coverings in Wilmette

President Bielinski has signed an amended disaster declaration which effective Monday, April 20, 2020 requires the use of cloth face coverings for all persons patronizing an essential business, working in an essential business or riding public transportation in Wilmette. Coverings are not required outdoors or in a personal vehicle.

To view the Amended Disaster Declaration, see here.

To view President Bielinski’s letter regarding face coverings, see here.

To view a video message from President Bielinkski regarding face coverings, see here.


Face Coverings FAQ

When is the face covering requirement in effect?

Face coverings are required when patronizing an essential business, working in an essential business or on public transportation effective Monday, April 20, 2020 at the open of business.

Who must wear a face covering?

While we encourage all individuals in close contact or proximity of others to wear a face covering, the requirement applies only to people going into an essential business (such as a grocery store), working in an essential business or riding public transportation.

Do I need to wear a face covering outdoors when I am on a walk, riding a bike, on my own property, or in a public park?

No, face coverings are not required outside. However, please remember that social distancing guidelines are still in effect and the Village’s disaster declaration requires individuals to maintain at least 6’ of separation from those outside your household.

Do landscapers have to wear face coverings?

No. The Village has previously issued guidance to landscapers that they are required to abide by the social distancing guidelines and thus are not mandated to wear face coverings while working outdoors. Click here to view the Village’s guidance to landscapers.

Do private contractors working inside a home have to wear a face covering?

No. However, the Village encourages homeowners to request that contractors wear a face covering when working inside a home.

Do FedEx, UPS, Amazon, or USPS employees have to wear face coverings in Wilmette?


Are Village employees required to wear face coverings?

Yes.  All Village employees are required to wear face masks or temporary face coverings when employees are interacting with the public or working within 6 feet of another employee.

How do I wear face coverings? And can I make them at home?

The CDC has published a great resource that covers instructions on how to wear, clean, and make face coverings at home.

The US Surgeon General has also published a video on how to make face coverings at home.

When in public settings where other social distancing measures are difficult to maintain, all persons are required to wear face coverings to include their nose and mouth made of any cloth or other material which is reasonably effective to inhibit, filter or restrict the breath, sneeze, cough or other exhaling from one’s nose and mouth (“face covering”). Such coverings include but are not limited to, non-medical grade masks, cloth or plastic masks, scarfs, bandanas or handkerchiefs.

Face coverings shall be worn when:

  • Working in any business which is permitted to be opened as an Essential Business and Operation.
  • While open to the public or when employees have contact with the public or other employees.
  • Engaging in essential activities (e.g. shopping at an Essential Business and Operation; obtaining medical supplies or medication; visiting health care professionals).
  • Riding in public transportation.

A business owner or operator may refuse admission or service to any individual who fails to wear a face covering. An individual need not wear a face covering when doing so poses a greater health or safety risk to the individual or public. It is not recommended or required that children under the age of 2 years old wear a face covering.


This post was published on 4/17/2020.