Village Meetings: Dial-in Instructions for Public Comment/Participation

Joining a meeting:

Meeting guests have 3 options to join our public meetings, computer (PC or Mac), smart device (Phone or tablet) or dial-in by telephone. It is recommended that guests join by computer or mobile device for the best experience.

Computer and mobile device users may join a meeting by using the free Microsoft Teams app. Instructions on how to obtain the software and join a meeting may be found here:

Join from a computer:

Join from a mobile device:

If joining by computer or mobile device is not possible, audio conference dial-in capability exists. To join by telephone dial-in just dial the Village’s Conference bridge number 872-239-8225 and when prompted, enter the Conference ID for the meeting you wish to join. The conference ID is unique for each meeting and may be obtained on the Village calendar. Those who wish to join by telephone audio conference are advised that the caller ID information provided by their device or telephone company will be displayed during the meeting.

Providing public comment:

The meeting Chair, or their designee will call for public comment at certain points in the meeting. An opportunity to comment will be given to all who wish to speak. If a guest is unable to provide commentary in the meeting due to technical difficulties or some other reason, they may still provide comments by emailing or by submitting comments during the meeting at the Village’s YouTube livestream which is located at

All emailed comments received two hours prior to the start of a meeting will be provided, unredacted, to the applicable Board/Commission in the meeting packet. Emails received at any time within two hours of the beginning of the meeting until its adjournment will be included in the draft minutes of the meeting.


To find the join information for various Village meetings, click on a specific calendar item at



This post was updated on 9/3/20.