Illinois’ Updated COVID-19 Mitigation Plan

The state of Illinois has released an updated COVID-19 mitigation plan. 

This updated mitigation plan provides helpful information such as public health guidelines for potential Phase 4 restrictions, an overview of all new health regions, and three tiers of possible business and industry restrictions. Though we urge you to view the updated plan in full, a summary of significant updates are below:

  • Additional state health regions
    • The original Restore Illinois Plan grouped the state of Illinois into four regions: Northeast, North-Central, Central, and Southern.
    • This updated mitigation plan now provides 11 health regions, Wilmette is located in the newly added Suburban Cook Region.
  • Public health metrics that will determine if the spread of the virus requires additional restrictions. There are two options that would cause a region to be restricted. Click here to view public health metrics for all 11 regions. 
    1. Sustained increase in 7-day rolling average (7 out of 10 days) in the positivity rate
        • Sustained 7-day increase in hospital admissions for a COVID-19 like illness
        • Reduction in hospital capacity threatening
          surge capabilities (ICU capacity or medical/surgical beds under 20%)
    2. Three consecutive days averaging greater than or equal to 8% positivity rate
  • Tiered actions to combat a resurgence of COVID-19
    • This updated mitigation plan provides three tiers of action for gatherings, businesses and activities which may be undertaken by the State if COVID-19 cases increase in a region. These tiers range from minor measures such as limitations on gathering size to more sever measures including suspension of in-person activities.


This post was published on 7/17/2020.

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