Leaf Collection Begins Monday

The 2020 Leaf Collection Program begins the week of October 12th. Please be mindful of posted parking bans.

Residents who live on side streets are asked to rake leaves to the curb. Residents who live on arterial streets (Lake Ave, Wilmette Ave, Sheridan Rd, Green Bay Rd, Ridge Rd, Skokie Blvd and Hibbard Rd) should place leaves on the parkway behind the curb due to heavy traffic.

Please click here to view the collection schedule. PLEASE NOTE: During a two-day collection period, only one collection is made for each street and will occur on either the first or second day of scheduled collection. Residents must have their leaves raked out no later than 7:00 a.m. on the first scheduled collection day.

Only loose leaved will be collected, leaves cannot be bagged, and branches, tree stumps, shrubs, and other types of yard waste are prohibited. Please avoid raking leaves onto the street until two days prior to your scheduled collection day to prevent the clogging of storm drains.

Click here for Frequently Asked Questions about the Leaf Collection Program. If you have any questions regarding the leaf collection program, contact the Public Works Department at 847-853-7500 or pubworks@wilmette.com.

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