COVID-19 Vaccination Resources and Updates

Who is responsible for vaccination distribution in Wilmette?

Vaccine distribution and administration is the responsibility of the Cook County Department of Public Health (CCDPH). As part of federal and state guidelines, vaccines are only allotted to the 97 certified health departments in the State of Illinois. Of those certified health departments, only 4 are municipalities (Chicago, Evanston, Oak Park, and Skokie; all with populations of at least 50,000), the other 1,294 municipalities in the state fall under the jurisdiction of their county or regional health departments.

Where can I schedule appointments to receive my COVID-19 vaccine?

Suburban Cook County residents


Healthcare providers

Homebound Residents

Where is there information on total vaccinations administered?

Both the State of Illinois and Cook County Department of Public Health have developed dashboards that provide up to date information on vaccinations administered. Below are links to both of those dashboards.

Where is there information about the vaccination?

Below are several resources for more information on the vaccination.


This post was updated on 6/11/2021.