April 6 Consolidated Election – Official Results

On April 27, 2021, Cook County officially released the certified local election results for the April 6 Consolidated Election. The Village had four offices on the ballot; one office for Village President and three offices for Village Trustee; all are 4-year terms. The certified election results are as follows:

Village President (Vote for 1)
Senta Plunkett – 58.65% (3,077 votes)
Joel Kurzman – 41.35% (2,169 votes)

Village Trustee (Vote for 3)
Peter H. Barrow – 21.11% (2,810 votes)
Kate Gjaja – 22.55% (3,002 votes)
Kathy Dodd – 24.01% (3,197 votes)
Justin Sheperd – 22.96% (3,056 votes)
Brian Locke – 9.37% (1,248 votes)

Mayor-elect Plunkett and Trustees will be sworn in at the May 11 Village Board meeting.

For other local results and more information, please visit the Cook County Clerk’s website.

President-Elect Plunkett to Recommend Appointment of Peter Barrow to Fill Trustee Vacancy
Upon consultation with members of the Village Board, President-Elect Senta Plunkett intends to recommend the appointment of Trustee Peter Barrow to fill the remaining two years of her Trustee term. Mr. Barrow is currently a Village Trustee, having been elected to a two-year term in 2019, and previously served on the Village’s Transportation and Plan Commissions. The appointment of Mr. Barrow will be voted upon at the first meeting of the new Village Board on Tuesday, May 11.


This post was updated on 4/29/21.