Neighborhood Storage Project: Project Update & Phase 3 Timeline

In an effort to keep our residents informed, our Neighborhood Storage Project construction team has created a project update video, available here and by clicking the image below! Watch the video for a comprehensive project update, significant construction facts, and a timeline of the 5 stages of construction that are included in Phase 3!

  • The Neighborhood Storage Project will provide flooding protection for 98% of homes that are at risk!
  • Throughout construction, 26,000 feet or 5 Miles of new storm sewers will have been installed!
  • The project will provide 13.8 million gallons of stormwater storage, that’s equivalent to 21 Olympic sized swimming pools!
    • Phase 1 and 1A provides 6.1 million gallons of storage
    • Phase 2 provides 3.3 million gallons of storage
    • Phase 3 will provide 4.5 million gallons of storage

Keep up to date with the Neighborhood Storage Project by visiting You can also follow along with the project by subscribing to the “3 – Neighborhood Stormwater Storage Project” email list. During construction, weekly updates are emailed to all subscribers.


This post was published 2/21/22.