Firearm Safety Practices and WPD Firearm Safety Programs


The Wilmette Police Department is dedicated to promoting safe firearm practices. To help avoid a potential tragedy, the Department would like to remind residents about firearm safety and available safety programs. The recommended storage practice to prevent accidents or theft of weapons is to keep firearms unloaded in a mounted gun safe. If circumstances exist in a home, such as a family member experiencing a mental health crisis, residents should consider temporarily removing firearms or ammunition from the home, and the Police Department will store them at no cost. The Police Department can assist residents as well with court petitions to remove a family member’s access to firearms should that individual be a danger to themselves and/or others. Additionally, the Department offers a Firearm & Ammunition Disposal Program. The Village urges responsible and safe storage practices of firearms and offers free firearm cable locks at the Police Station (710 Ridge Rd.). Click here for more information about firearm safety.

Please see the below tips from Project Child Safe, a public safety campaign aimed at educating parents and families on gun safety:

  • Store unloaded firearms in a locked cabinet, safe, gun vault, or storage safe.
  • Unloaded firearms can also be secured with a gun locking device that renders the gun inoperable, but gun locks are not a substitute for secure storage.
  • Always check firearms to be sure they are *still* unloaded when you remove them from storage.
  • If firearms are disassembled, parts should be securely locked in separate locations.
  • Store ammunition separately and securely.
  • If you are concerned about quick access to your firearm, consider a special lockable case that can be quickly opened only by you/authorized individuals.

Click here for more information being presented to the Village Board at their meeting on Tuesday, July 26, 2022 at 7:30 p.m.

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