Water Service Inventory – In-Person Visits Beginning

The Village has started the second phase of its water service line inventory which is to conduct in-person home visits. The Village’s field data collectors will go door-to-door to assist residents with determining their water service line material. 

All data collectors will have Village ID and will ask you to complete the survey on your doorstep if you know the water line material.  If you do not know the material used for your water service line, the data collectors are trained to identify the material.  They will ask permission to enter your home to look at the area immediately surrounding the water meter. If you are not home or the meter is inaccessible, a door tag will be left directing you to the web site using a QR code or web link to the survey. If you have any questions, please contact the Engineering and Public Works Department at 847-853-7500 or pubworks@wilmette.com 

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