Village Selects New Waste Hauler

Approval of Eight-Year Contract with new Composting, Hazardous Waste, and Electronic Waste Programs

At the July 25 Village Board meeting, Wilmette Trustees approved an 8-year contract to LRS as the Village’s new garbage and recycling hauler. The decision to change haulers was driven by cost considerations, the Village’s commitment to providing exceptional customer service, and expanded service offerings after a competitive bid process. LRS will provide high-quality collection services and superior customer service to Wilmette residents.

Beginning in January 2024, LRS will take over the weekly collection of trash, recycling, and yard waste/organics at residential properties in Wilmette. The Village collects an annual average of 12,000 tons of refuse and recycling with a recycling diversion rate of nearly 30%. LRS will also assist the Village in seasonal leaf collection services, collect refuse from streetscape containers, and support collection at community events. To minimize the impact of changing haulers, every household’s collection day will stay the same. Following five years of frozen rates, residents should expect to see an average increase of six dollars per month for collection services beginning in January. This rate was agreed to after an extensive negotiation process to ensure residents the lowest cost.    

The Village and LRS are excited to expand sustainable services to the community including a year-round organics program and at-home hazardous waste and electronic waste collections. The organics program will extend collection into the winter months on a subscription basis, and the at-home hazardous waste and electronic waste collection will be a once-per-year community-wide collection requiring free registration. Residents may also continue using the electronics waste collection bin at the Public Works facility. 

Click here to read the full press release. Additional details will be shared in the coming months.