2021 Alley Reconstruction Program

Contractor: Schroeder & Schroeder, Inc.

Project Contact: Jorge Cruz, P.E., Assistant Village Engineer, cruzj@wilmette.com or 847-853-7623


The Village of Wilmette implements an annual Alley Reconstruction Program to help maintain the 225-alley network. The scope of work consists of removing the existing pavement section and pouring concrete over a new stone base. The project also incorporates drainage improvements and modifications to garage aprons and sidewalk sections as necessary.

Scope of Work

The Alley Reconstruction Program includes the following construction tasks:

  • Remove existing alley pavement and replace with new concrete pavement
  • Replace deteriorated curbs and sidewalks at alley entrances.
  • Replace driveway apron sections that were impacted by alley repairs.
  • Restore parkway areas that were disturbed by construction activities.

The Contractor will also construct pedestrian improvements (Hibbard Road Sidewalk Addition) as part of this contract.


The anticipated start of construction is June; the anticipated completion date is September 2021. Construction activities will occur at various locations and times during this period.

Resident Survey

Please click here to fill out the 2021 Wilmette Alley Program Survey.


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