Business Development Plans

Over the past several years, the Village has conducted several business development studies to ensure a business development strategy that is successful over time.

Below please find the following studies:

Urban Land Institute Technical Assistance Panel

The Village applied for and received planning assistance from an Urban Land Institute (ULI) Technical Assistance Panel. The goal was to create a plan to “revitalize and reinvigorate” Wilmette’s Village Center and West Village Center. The ULI Technical Assistance Panel consisted of a group of real estate development experts, urban planning and design professionals, and community development leaders. This group evaluated qualitative and quantitative information related to the community’s vision and statement of need and offered objective recommendations to help the Village reach its goal.

In addition to the expertise on the panel, organizers sought critical input through roundtable discussions with community residents, business owners, and current and past Village leadership. The roundtable discussions were designed to elicit the full range of public opinion and stakeholder input. In summary, the panel affirmed the Village’s belief that any redevelopment in the Village Center needs to be undertaken as part of a Master Plan.

The Village has obtained a grant from the Regional Transportation Authority to complete the Master Plan outlined in the Technical Assistance Panel recommendation. This plan is scheduled to begin in the Spring of 2009 and once completed will provide the details necessary for developers and the Village alike to have a clear and realistic understanding of how to revitalize and reinvigorate the Village Center through redevelopment.

Green Bay Road Corridor Study

The Village completed a study of the Green Bay Road Corridor with the help of a state funded grant. The goal was to plan for the future redevelopment of the corridor and included such information as a traffic analysis, market analysis, key person interviews, design guidelines, recommended development regulation amendments, and redevelopment concepts for several potential redevelopment sites.

Since the completion of the study the Village has utilized some of the study’s recommendations and is in the process of implementing others. Notably the study initiated a revision to the liquor ordinance and was used as guidance when working with developers at the former Kohl Children’s Museum, former North Shore Ford, and a development proposal for the vacant property at 1215 Green Bay Road. The Village has initiated a Zoning Ordinance update which will in-part seek to incorporate some of the development regulation amendments called for in the Green Bay Road Corridor Study.

Fourth and Linden Plan

This plan was similar to the Green Bay Road Corridor Study in that it was completed to plan for future redevelopment of the area. The recommendations that came from the study were implemented into the zoning ordinance in 2008 and will serve to facilitate the type of development desired in the Linden Square business district.

Village-wide Market Analysis

The market analysis provides a detailed and objective assessment of the business climate in Wilmette. It points out opportunities as well as gives Wilmette the knowledge it needs to make informed land use decisions regarding its business environment.