Weekly Schedules

The Channel 6 Schedule will be updated each Friday.

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Wednesday, December 6th
4pm BSK – Holiday Sauces (:58)
5pm Illinois Channel Programming (1:55)
7pm Zoning Board of Appeals (LIVE)

Thursday, December 7th
1pm Zoning Board of Appeals ®
5pm BSK – Holiday Cooking Class (1:56)
7pm NSSC Men’s Club Program (:58)
8pm Zoning Board of Appeals ®

Friday, December 8th
5pm BSK – Holiday Sauces (:58)
6pm NSSC Men’s Club Program (:58)
7pm Zoning Board of Appeals ®
9pm Illinois Channel Programming (1:55)

Saturday, December 9th – Sunday, December 10th
Same as Friday, December 8th

Monday, December 11th
4:30pm BSK – Holiday Cooking Class (1:56)
6:30pm NSSC Men’s Club Program (:58)
7:30pm Park Board Meeting (LIVE)

Tuesday, December 12th
1pm Park Board Meeting ®
4pm Illinois Channel Programming (1:55)
6pm BSK – Holiday Sauces (:58)
7pm Village Board Meeting (LIVE)

Wednesday, December 13th
1pm Village Board Meeting ®
4pm BSK – Holiday Cooking Class (1:56)
6pm Illinois Channel Programming (1:55)
8pm Village Board Meeting ®
9:30pm NSSC Men’s Club Program (:58)

Thursday, December 14th
5pm Illinois Channel Programming (1:55)
7pm Village Board Meeting ®
8:30pm Park Board Meeting ®
10pm NSSC Men’s Club Program (:58)

Friday, December 15th
4pm BSK – Holiday Cooking Class (1:56)
6pm Park Board Meeting ®
7:30pm Village Board Meeting ®
9pm Illinois Channel Programming (1:55)