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Electric & Gas Supplier Solicitors

The Village has been made aware that there are solicitors in the Village who are contacting residents to switch electric and gas suppliers. These solicitors are not associated with the previous Village’s Electrical Aggregation Program. The Village ended the program in 2016 due to a lack of savings. Any claims that you must now pick a […]

Invasive Species Alert: Amynthas agrestis (crazy worm or jumping worm)

In 2015, Amynthas agrestis, an invasive species of worm, was discovered at the Chicago Botanic Garden. This species of worm has been called the “crazy worm” or “jumping worm” because they will wiggle very aggressively when touched, acting more like snakes than traditional earthworms. This worm has been positively identified at a residence in Wilmette, and a blog post […]

Wilmette is Now Tweeting! @VofWilmette

Do you want to receive Wilmette news faster? Follow us on Twitter by clicking here or searching for @VofWilmette. The Village is always looking to improve ways to communicate with residents, business owners, and visitors. Please contact us through one of our many outlets to provide us with your feedback.

ComEd Smart Meter Information

ComEd crews plan to be in Wilmette this spring to install smart meters at local homes and small businesses. Installations will be performed by a uniformed meter installer with appropriate identification from ComEd or a ComEd-authorized contractor, Corix or MZI Group.

Electrical Aggregation Ending in May

The Village’s electrical aggregation program, Wilmette Power Purchasing Program (WP3), is ending in May 2016. Participants in WP3 will be receiving letters from the Village informing them of the available options.

Zika Virus Information

The North Shore Mosquito Abatement District is taking the following actions in response to the expanded Zika virus activity throughout the world – including the Americas – and the associated increase in travel-related cases returning to the United States