The Village is fortunate to have a diverse urban forest with over 17,500 parkway trees. The Forestry Division is responsible for maintaining all trees on public property through programs of systematic pruning, removal, planting, tree preservation, disease control and care for sick and damaged trees.

The Village earned its 32nd Tree City USA recognition for 2015 and is a recipient of 15 Growth Awards from the Arbor Day Foundation recognizing its commitment to excellence for its tree care and maintenance programs. The Village received official announcement from the Arbor Day Foundation regarding the award in March of 2012.

For 2010, Wilmette was recognized for a higher level of environmental awareness among Tree City USA communities. Specifically for 2010, the Village’s efforts to cooperatively work with neighboring Village of Glenview on a combined contract for annual tree pruning with a single pruning contractor enabled Wilmette to increase the number of trees pruned per year at a reduced price. The Arbor Day Foundation also recognized the Foresters for their efforts in an ecosystem analysis project titled “Tale of Four Cities”, which illustrated that Wilmette receives a return value of $3.00 for each dollar invested in the management of community forestry. Lastly, the Village was acknowledged for continued involvement in community education and outreach not only at the local level, but also regionally.

The Village Forestry Division continues to carry out all the necessary functions of a sound urban forestry program with the continued support of the Village residents, the Village Board and its staff.

Dutch Elm Disease (DED)

Emerald Ash Borer (EAB)

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