Parkway & Private Property Tree Planting

Parkway Tree Planting

The Village is no longer offering the Cooperative (Cost-Share) Tree Planting Program.

If you would like to request a parkway tree, please contact the Forestry Division of Public Works at or call (847) 853-7587.

You can also click here to submit a Parkway Tree Planting request online.


Private Property Tree Planting Incentive Program

Are you considering adding a tree to your landscape to improve the aesthetics, environmental functionality and value of your property?  If so, the Village of Wilmette is proud to announce a Private Tree Planting Incentive Program! The intent to increase tree canopy cover and species diversity in the Village, while improving our environment, contributing to our health and welfare, and enhancing the beauty and appeal of the Village.

This program is reinvesting back into the community through funds generated from tree removal permit fees that are collected as a result of healthy trees being removed from private property. The majority of available planting locations, as well as existing trees, are located on private property.

The program will run from March 1, 2023 through November 30, 2023 and includes up to a $500 reimbursement, or two trees, for pre-approved trees planted on private property.


Application and Resources

Private Property Tree Planting Incentive Program Application

Wilmette Approved Species List

Under the Canopy Brochure

USDA Tree Owners Manual


Frequently Asked Questions

Where should I plant my tree?

Plant the tree on your private property (review your Plat of Survey).  If your request is associated with a location in the Village right-of-way (this is the area typically between the sidewalk and curb), please contact Engineering & Public Works at (847) 853-7500 for participation in the Parkway Tree Planting Program. If space permits, parkway trees are typically planted by the Village at no cost to the resident.

Large shade trees should be planted at least 30 feet from overhead utility lines and 20 to 25 feet from buildings. Trees planted near overhead utility lines should be no taller than 20 feet at mature size.

For detailed guidance on selecting, planting, and caring for young trees, please see the Under the Canopy brochure/poster​ and Tree Owner’s Manual on the Village’s website.

What kind of tree should I plant?

Only trees from the Village’s Approved Species List are eligible for reimbursement.

Consult with your nursery or landscaper to consider location, tree height and spread at maturity, autumn color and other ornamental characteristics that you like, which are suitable for soil and weather conditions.

Try to choose a tree that is a different species from most others on your property or neighborhood in order to increase species diversity which is beneficial to the ecosystem and reduces impact to disease.

How do I care for my new tree?

At the time of planting, provide water and mulch properly.

After the tree has been planted, monitor for watering needs. Watering needs will vary depending on weather and soil conditions. Check for dryness 6 inches below the surface; if dry, provide approximately 5-6 gallons of water by slowly trickling water for about 30 minutes along the dripline of the tree.

What are the exceptions to this Program?

Only the property owners are eligible to participate in the Private Property Tree Planting Incentive Program.

Trees that are required to be planted under any other section of the Village’s Municipal Code or agreements are not eligible to participate in this Program.

Residents are responsible for ongoing care, maintenance, and ultimate removal of the tree.


Contact Village Forester/Tree Preservation Officer Joe Hansen at (847) 853-7622 or

This page was updated on 3/2/2023.