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Residential Permit Parking

The Transportation Commission is authorized to cause traffic surveys to be made on streets in residential areas which are situated adjacent to a Business District or a Commercial District or a public or private school or college or university, all as defined in the Wilmette Zoning Ordinance.

See Village Code Chapter 14-453 for more details.

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All-Night Parking

The Transportation Commission is authorized to direct the erection or removal of signs indicating no parking upon a street between the hours of 2:00 a.m. and 5:00 a.m. of any day, except physicians on emergency calls.  In deciding whether to direct the erection or removal of signs, the Transportation Commission shall consider the desires of the adult occupants of the premises along the street and block affected, the availability to such occupants of off-street parking, and the special need to clear the street regularly because of volume of traffic thereon.

See Village Code Chapter 14-299 for more details.

Street Parking During Snow Removal

The Village Code prohibits street parking during snowstorms and snow removal when accumulation reaches two inches.  Parking is prohibited 24 hours after the snowfall stops or until the Village snow removal operations are completed, whichever is sooner.

See Village Code Chapter 14-327 for more details.

Street Parking Winter Precipitation Events

During winter precipitation events (defined by Village ordinance as snowfall of less than two inches, or sleet, freezing rain or ice), the parking ban applies to one side of the street for those streets that are posted as 27 feet in width or less. This ban is also in effect for 24 hours after the event or until the clearing operation is complete. The purpose of the ban during sleet or freezing rain is to allow the Public Works trucks to spread salt.

See Village Code Chapter 14-327 for more details.

Lakefront Parking

From Memorial Day to Labor Day, the village restricts parking in Gillson Park area and Langdon Park area.  The fine for violations is $100.  Please pay attention to signs and avoid a citation when parking on the street to go to the park.

See Village Code Chapter 14-305 for more details.


This post was updated on 5/19/22