Separate Storm Sewer Study (West of Ridge Road)


At the April 5, 2016 meeting of the Municipal Services Committee, staff presented an update on the storm study including implementation schedule, cost/benefit review, and analysis of funding options. There was Committee consensus that something should be done to address flooding in the separate system. There was also consensus that Alternative 1, building a relief storm sewer system ($77 million), is the preferred alternative because the storm segments can be built over a long period of time. The Committee discussed mechanisms for paying for the project including establishing a special service area (SSA) or Village-wide stormwater utility tax. Discussions will continue during the capital improvement program (CIP) and /or budget meetings.

On September 24, 2015, Village staff and engineers from Christopher B. Burke Engineering Ltd. (CBBEL) hosted an Open House to discuss your sewer system concerns. The Power Point Presentation can be viewed here.

A meeting of the Municipal Services Committee of the Village Board immediately followed the Open House. A Separate Storm Sewer Study was completed earlier this year. The Municipal Services Committee agenda included discussion of three studies completed by CBBEL that are supplemental to this study. Links to these technical memos are below for review:
Study A - Refinement of Alternatives
Study B - Community Park Stormwater Storage Basin

Study C - Glenview Storm Sewer Connection with Exhibit and Cost

The Municipal Services Committee did not make any decisions on September 24. They did, however, ask staff to gather the following information to be discussed at a future meeting:

  • Detailed schedule and implementation plan.
  • Detailed financial analysis on how to pay for the project, including a preliminary investigation of possible stormwater utility fee.
  • Additional analysis of costs vs. benefits.
  • Additional review of performance expectations.

Although a decision was not made, Options 1 and 2.2 were identified as the best alternatives should the Village elect to move forward with a project. Option 1 is building a Relief Sewer System (estimated cost of $75 million) and Option 2.2 is Surface Storage at Community Playfield (estimated cost of $53 million.)  Please note that both projects are still very preliminary and there are many details that have to be addressed before the Committee and Village Board have the information they need to make a decision. Given the magnitude of this infrastructure investment, significant construction impacts, and overall impact to the Village, there will be additional public meetings and opportunities for public input moving forward. The next meeting of the Municipal Services Committee to discuss stormwater has not yet been scheduled.

If you have questions, please feel free to contact Brigitte Berger, Director of Engineering & Public Works at or at 847.853.7627 at your convenience.