Sewer Systems

The Village’s sewer system serves a population of approximately 27,500. The area east of Ridge Road is serviced by a combined sewer system, while the area west of Ridge Road is serviced by a separated sanitary and storm sewer system. The entire system collects wastewater from approximately 9,000 residential, commercial, and institutional buildings, and storm water from approximately 2,500 acres of intensely urbanized area.

Stormwater Management – Please click this link for Stormwater Tips and more information about the Village’s Rain Barrel Program, Combined Sewer Overflows, Resident Assistance Programs, and Sewer Regulations, Studies, and System Improvements.

Sewer Backups – Click here to report a sewer backup.

Street Flooding – If you notice water standing over street catch basins, either inform Public Works by calling 847-853-7500 or try to remove the debris so water can enter the storm sewer and prevent street flooding.

Separate Storm Sewer Study (West of Ridge Road)

West Park Sanitary Storage Project

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