Requesting a Traffic Study

The Engineering & Public Works Department reviews transportation related requests from residents. The general process for making a request for review by the Engineering & Public Works Department is as follows:

1. Use this form to submit a request to the Engineering & Public Works Department.

It is important that each request includes as much background information as possible and a contact to allow proper investigation of the matter. For example, if there is a concern at a traffic signal, cite the time-of-day, day-of-week, and precise nature of the issue (e.g. EB-WB left turn signal too short).

2. Staff determines whether the request falls under village jurisdiction or needs to be forwarded to IDOT or Cook County Highway.

3. The request is logged in the Department’s internal database. The internal database allows for the tracking of all requests, contacts, recommendations and follow-up actions.

4. Staff provides a preliminary response to the requester to let them know we are looking at issue with projected date for follow-up contact.

5. Staff investigates the request which may include:

a. Field observations
b. Crash reports
c. Speed study
d. Reference to Federal/State/Local guidance and best practices

6. Staff provides follow-up communication with the resident.

7. If action is required, notices are typically distributed to adjacent stakeholders prior to implementing a traffic change.

If you have any questions please contact Kate Amoruso, Engineering & Public Works Management Assistant, at (847) 853-7588 or

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