Walking and Biking in Wilmette

The Village of Wilmette commits to building a safe, inviting, and context-sensitive transportation network for all users. We visualize Wilmette as an accessible community for people of all ages and abilities where any transportation mode, including walking, biking, and driving, is expected on the transportation network, welcomed through secure, comfortable, and convenient design, and reflected in Village policies and programs.

Master Bike and Active Transportation Plan

On February 23, 2021, the Village Board approved a Master Bike and Active Transportation Plan, which is shaped by community input and will guide future decision-making in the Village. The plan explores ways to improve walking and bicycle access to the Village’s transit stations, business districts, parks, schools and other key destinations throughout the Village.

View the Master Bike and Active Transportation Plan (pdf)

View the staff presentation of the Master Bike and Active Transportation Plan at the February 9, 2021 Village Board meeting

View the staff memo prepared regarding the Master Bike and Active Transportation Plan (pdf)

Other Resources

View the District 39 School Walking Route Map (pdf)

View more information regarding bicycling in Wilmette (pdf)

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