In addition to vehicle stickers, the Village issues animal, business (including food handler and outdoor seating licenses), liquor, and taxi licenses.

Animal licenses

All dogs and cats in Wilmette are subject to a one time registration with the Village. The registration fee is $40.00 for a dog or cat without microchip, $20.00 for a spayed/neutered dog or cat without microchip, $20 for a dog or cat with microchip, or $5.00 for a spayed/neutered dog or cat with microchip. You will be given a tag which should be placed on the pet’s collar. Should a pet become lost, this will allow the Village to identify the pet’s owner so that it may be returned home. Pet owners are required by Cook County to maintain current rabies inoculations for their dogs and cats. Please click here to download an Animal License Application.

Business Licenses

Businesses are required annually to obtain a general business license. General business license fees are determined by the gross interior square feet of the business and are due by January 1 each year. Fees for businesses are as follows:
Type of Business Cost of License
Care Facility (any size) $50
Contractor $80
Area of less than 3,000 interior sq. ft. $80
Area of 3,001 to 10,000 interior sq. ft. $160
Area over 10,000 interior sq. ft. $235
Businesses operating within a residential property are not required to pay for a general license. It is, however, recommended that these businesses complete a Business License Application and contact the Department of Community Development to ensure that they are in compliance with the Village Code.
In addition to the general license fee, food handlers and gasoline service stations are also required to pay a specialty license fee. Fees for food handlers are as follows:

Food Handler License

Cost of License
Category 1 (Full Service Restaurant)
Category 2 (Limited to one or two preparation items)
Category 3 (No potential Hazards)
Category 4 (Pre Packaged food only)
 *Fee is subject to change

Outdoor Restaurant Seating License

Location of Seating
Cost of License
Private Property
Public Property

Liquor Licenses

Liquor licenses are maintained by the Deputy Village Clerk. For more information call 847-853-7511.

Taxi Licenses

Taxi licenses are administered by the Police Department. For more information call 847-256-1200.
This page was updated on 8/12/21.