Parking Permits

Residents who would like to acquire a Residential Parking Permit, to park on their street only, may do so through the Finance Department. To obtain a permit, residents must have a current vehicle sticker. Residents who reside on streets with permit parking may also acquire temporary visitor parking permits.

Temporary permits are valid for one day at a time and are available through the Finance Department in packs of seven at no charge.  Proof of residency is required to obtain the temporary passes.


The Village of Wilmette sells parking permits for the following locations:

Village Green Atrium- Howard Park Permit

CTA Linden Station Permit Merchant Lot

CTA Linden Station Permit

Burmeister Lot-Overnight Residential

Burmeister Lot – Business Permit

11th and Central Permit

Masonic Lot Permit

St Augustines Permit

For more information including availability of spaces, please contact the village at or by telephone at 847-251-2700.



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