Property Tax

2018 Proposed Budget and Impact on Property Tax Levy

Each year, the Village Board tasks the administration with limiting the rate of growth in the general operating portion of the tax levy. Other portions of the levy, including required pension contributions and previously incurred debt service payments cannot be reduced. For FY 2018, the general operating portion of the levy, that which is within the control of the Village, is increasing by only 1.05%. The component elements of tax levy growth may be described as follows:

General Operations 1.05%
Debt Service 1.50%
Pension Funding Obligations 1.40%
Total 3.95%


Current Property Tax Rates

The Village finances about 29% of its operations through property taxes and is continually striving to diversify its revenue base in order to reduce reliance on the property tax.  The Village’s portion of the property tax reflects approximately 11.7% of the total tax bill.  Since 1994, the Village portion of the property tax bill has averaged around 11%.
Taxing Body 2016 Rate Percentage
Wilmette School District #39 2.840 36.6%
New Trier School District #203 1.974 25.5%
Village of Wilmette 0.907 11.7%
Cook County 0.533 6.9%
Park District 0.418 5.4%
Metropolitan Water Reclamation District 0.406 5.2%
Library 0.316 4.1%
Other 0.360 4.6%
Total 7.754 100%


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*The distribution of tax dollars above uses the taxing agencies applicable to most Wilmette residents. For Wilmette residents living in other taxing agencies (e.g. the Avoca School District), the Village’s share of the overall tax bill remains about the same.