Village Bond Rating

The Village is pleased to announce that the financial services firm, Moody’s Investor Service, has reaffirmed the Village’s Aaa bond rating. This is the highest rating a municipality can obtain. Wilmette has maintained a Aaa rating by Moody’s since 1996.

This high bond rating will mean significant savings as the Village sells bonds to finance capital projects. Much like getting a good interest rate on a home mortgage, the Village will benefit from lower interest rates on its bonds.

Moody’s cites the Village’s strong socioeconomic profile, home rule authority, sound financial operations and healthy fund balance as reasons for the high credit rating.

Additionally, the Village’s strong financial position allows it to weather uncertain economic times, as we are seeing with the economic impact from COVID-19. It is the result of focused efforts by the Village Board and financial team who are committed to fiscal responsibility, strategic planning and budgeting, as well as prudent spending of tax dollars.

Click here to view a press release from Moody’s regarding Wilmette’s bond rating.

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Click here to view a press release from the Village regarding our bond rating.