Water & Sewer Billing

Wilmette property owners are billed for their water and sewer usage on a quarterly basis at the following rates:

Water: $2.61 per 100 cubic feet

Sewer: $4.24 per 100 cubic feet

In addition to the water and sewer rates above, each customer is charged a quarterly water meter fee based on the size of the meter. The water meter fee schedule is below:

Water Meter Fee
Meter Size Quarterly Fee
5/8″ $0.67
3/4″ $1.08
1″ $1.33
1.5″ $5.41
2.0″ $19.16
3.0″ $43.45
4.0″ $63.33

Final Water Meter Reads

Property owners should contact the Finance Department at 847-853-7620 to schedule final meter reading.  Final reads are conducted on an as needed basis and should be scheduled two weeks prior to the required read date. Final meter reads are required when a home is being sold.

Water Bill Name Changes

New home owners should contact Finance Department to establish the new account is in the proper name. Tenants who are responsible for their water bills should follow similar procedures. Note – all landlords should notify the water billing clerk if a particular property is being leased so that we can apprise them, as well as the tenant, of any issues pertaining to their account.

Construction Water Billing

When a service address is not equipped with a water meter, including water service for construction activities temporarily supplied, the water customer will be billed a flat rate of $5.15 per day on their water bill. For more information about your water bill, contact the Finance Department at (847) 853-7620. For more information about building permit fees, contact the Community Development Department at (847) 853-7550.