WilWork is a youth employment referral service sponsored by the Village of Wilmette. Only Wilmette residents between the ages of 11 and 23 are eligible to provide services as part of WilWork.

The way it works
When you need some help around the house, call Wilwork for a list of young people interested in the type of work you have to offer.

For Wilmette youth interested in being a WilWorker, click here to fill out the WilWorker registration form and be entered into the Village’s database of potential WilWorkers.

Employment Categories
Other work with kids
Light work around the house
Yard work
Lawn mowing
Computer work
Snow shoveling

NOTE: All terms, such as date and time for the work and pay rate, are set between the resident and the WilWorker.

For more information call (847) 853-7608 or email at wilwork@wilmette.com.

This page was updated on 7/30/21.