Fire Prevention Bureau

The primary responsibility of the Fire Prevention Bureau is to promote fire prevention and awareness through a proactive approach to fire and life-safety. The Bureau is overseen by the Fire Chief and supported by all shift personnel.

Some functions of the Fire Prevention Bureau include:

  • Issue permits for fire protection systems.
  • Provide public education and fire safety awareness programs.
  • Investigate fires for cause and origin.
  • Enforce fire, building, and life-safety codes and ordinances.
  • Conduct fire and life-safety inspections.
  • Review plans for fire protection systems and life safety systems.
  • Witness the testing of fire protection and life safety equipment.
  • Maintain public relations while responding to citizens’ inquiries and fire-safety related concerns

For more information please contact the Fire Chief.

NOTE: The federal government now provides a tax incentive to protect lives and property with fire sprinklers! To find out more information visit the National Fire Sprinkler Association at You may also view their informative PDF flyer here.

Brian Lambel
Fire Chief
(847) 251-1101