Home Life Safety Survey

The Wilmette Fire Department developed a short home life safety checklist for residents to use.  Please complete the survey in your home and send us the results – we’re interested to know!

Smoke Alarms
There is at least one smoke alarm on every floor in common areas. YesNo
There is at least one smoke alarm in each bedroom. YesNo
Smoke alarm batteries are changed at least every six (6) months. YesNo
Smoke alarms are less than 10 years old. YesNo
Smoke alarms are interconnected so when one sounds, they all sound (best protection). YesNo
Carbon Monoxide Alarms
Carbon monoxide alarms are located on each level of the home. YesNo
Carbon monoxide alarms are less than 7 years old. YesNo
Carbon monoxide alarms are fully functional. YesNo
Electrical and Appliance Safety
Electrical cords do not run underneath rugs. YesNo
Electrical cords are not frayed or cracked. YesNo
Circuit-protected, multi-prong adapters are used for additional outlets. YesNo
Large and small appliances are plugged directly into wall outlets. YesNo
All receptacle and switch faceplates are installed and in good condition. YesNo
Kitchen and bathrooms have GFCI outlets anywhere within 6 feet of water outlets and are working properly. YesNo
Clothes dryer lint filter and venting system are clean. YesNo
Cooking / Kitchen Safety
Cooking area is free from items that can catch fire. YesNo
Kitchen stove hood is clean and vented outside. YesNo
Pots are never left unattended on the stove. YesNo
Small appliances are unplugged while not in use. YesNo
Adults are always present when the stovetop is in use. YesNo
Family Room / Fireplace Safety
All fireplaces have a proper screen and hearth. YesNo
All combustibles are at least 3 feet from space heaters and fireplaces. YesNo
Home Escape Plan
All bedrooms have two ways out - window and a door. YesNo
There is a designated meeting place near the front of the home for all family members. YesNo
All family members have reviewed and practiced the escape plan. YesNo
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