Appearance Review Commission

The Appearance Review Commission has the following powers, pursuant to Section 3.5 of the Zoning Ordinance:

A.    To review and approve applications for appearance review certificates.

B.    To review and issue recommendations on applications for sign variations.

C.    To review and act on appeals of regulations contained in Sections 10.7 and 10.9.

D.    To review and issue recommendations on applications for variations to Article 15 (Landscaping and Screening).

E.    Such additional powers as may be set forth in this Ordinance.

The Appearance Review Commission meets the first Monday of each month at 7:00 p.m. in the Training Room at Village Hall.


  • Devan Castellano, Chair
    • Reappointed 11/13/2023. Term ends 11/13/2028.
  • Nada Andric
    • Reappointed 2/28/2022. Term ends 2/28/2027.
  • Richard Brill
    • Reappointed 5/8/2023. Term ends 5/8/2028.
  • Richard DeLeo
    • Appointed 05/23/2023. Terms ends 05/23/2028.
  • Douglas Johnson
    • Appointed 4/9/2019. Term ends 4/9/2024.
  • Jeffery Saad
    • Reappointed 11/13/2023. Term ends 11/13/2028.
  • Jonathan Zee
    • Appointed 08/01/2022. Terms ends 8/01/2027.

Staff Liaison

Kate McManus, Planner III-AICP


Commissioners serve a five year term, for a maximum of two terms.

If you are interested in serving on this or any other board or commission, complete and submit the Talent Bank Questionnaire found here.

Preferred Qualifications for Commission Membership

The Village Code identifies the following as desired (but not required) qualifications to serve on the Appearance Review Commission: architecture, landscape architecture, graphic design, interior design, urban planning, real estate development and transactions, construction, and engineering.

Agendas & Minutes


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