Board of Fire & Police Commissioners

The Board of Fire and Police Commissioners (BOFPC) derives its power and authority from an Act of the General Assembly entitled Board of Fire and Police Commissioners, of Chapter 65 of the Illinois Compiled Statutes.

The Board is responsible for hiring of Police Officers and Firefighters as well as the promotion of Police Sergeants and Fire Lieutenants.


  • Cameron Krueger, Chair
    • Reappointed 07/25/2023. Term ends 07/25/2026.
  • Pamela Davidson
    • Reappointed 07/14/2021. Term ends 07/14/2024.
  • Maria DiLorenzo
    • Appointed 06/23/2023. Term ends 06/23/2026.

Staff Liaison 

Alex Cease, Human Resources Manager


Commissioners serve a three year term, for a maximum of three terms.

to view the rules and regulations established by the Board.

Click here to view the final eligibility list for the position of Police Officer.

to view the final eligibility list for the position of Firefighter.

If you are interested in serving on this or any other board or commission, complete and submit the Talent Bank Questionnaire found here.

Preferred Qualifications for Commission Membership

Previous work or experience in the fields of human resources, diversity, public safety, and legal.

Agendas & Minutes


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