Electrical Commission

The Electrical Commission shall recommend:

  1. Safe and practical standards and specifications for the installation, alteration, and use of electrical equipment designed to meet the necessities and conditions that prevail in the Village;
  2. Reasonable rules and regulations governing the issuance of permits, as provided for in Section 2-16.4.3 of the Village Code, by the Community Development Department; and
  3. Reasonable fees to be paid for the inspection of all electrical equipment installed or altered within the Village.

The Electrical Commission meets as needed.


  • Joseph Drelicharz
    • Reappointed 7/1/20. Term ends 7/1/24.
  • Vacant (Professional Engineer)
  • Vacant (Electrical Contractor)
  • Vacant (Electric Company Employee)

Staff Liaison 

Brian Lambel, Fire Chief

Commissioners serve a term of four years, with no limit on the number of terms.

If you are interested in serving on this or any other board or commission, complete and submit the Talent Bank Questionnaire found here.

Required Qualifications for Commission Membership

The Village Code identifies the following as required qualifications to serve on the Electrical Commission: one electrical contractor, one journeyman electrician, Fire Chief, one representative of an electric supply company, one professional engineer (P.E.).


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