Housing Commission

The Housing Commission makes recommendations for the alleviation of the shortage of decent, safe and reasonably affordable housing for the elderly and low and moderate income persons, including, but not limited to, the study and development of housing alternatives and housing requirements in the village. Thereafter, the commission shall periodically review and update its recommendations with respect to any recommendations made to the President and Board of Trustees.

Functions of the Housing Commission:

  • Assist in the review of the Housing Chapter of the Comprehensive Plan and subsequent
    review of the Village’s Affordable Housing Plan as directed by the Village Board
  • Work with and monitor community land trusts (ex. Optima/CPAH)
  • Conduct public education regarding the fair housing regulations
  • Conduct a housing needs assessment as directed by the Village Board
  • Receive an annual presentation from Village Staff regarding Housing Our Own- Wilmette’s housing assistance rental and property tax subsidy programs
  • Monitor sales at the Village Green Atrium to ensure units remain affordable; make recommendations to the Village Board should units sell at prices deemed not affordable
  • Research methods to preserve existing affordable housing units and how to increase the number of affordable housing units
  • Research to encourage developers to include affordable units in new multi-family buildings in concert with the Village’s Affordable Housing Plan
  • Review with Village staff the Illinois Housing Development Authority’s publication of updated affordable housing statistics in Wilmette


  • Jeff Head, Chair
    • Appointed 1/26/21. Term ends 1/26/25.
  • Earl Chase
    • Appointed 1/26/21. Term ends 1/26/24.
  • Jeanine Friedman
    • Appointed 6/13/23. Term ends 6/13/26.
  • Caroline Goldstein
    • Appointed 1/26/21. Term ends 1/26/24.
  • Elissa Morgante
    • Reappointed 1/26/23. Term ends 1/26/26.
  • C. Ryan Shannahan
    • Appointed 1/26/23. Term ends 1/26/26.
  • Lisa Williams
    • Appointed 1/26/21. Term ends 1/26/24

Staff Liaison 

John Adler, Director of Community Development

  • (847) 853-7528
  • adlerj@wilmette.com

Commissioners serve three year terms, with a maximum of two terms.

If you are interested in serving on this or any other board or commission, complete and submit the Talent Bank Questionnaire found here.


Preferred Qualifications for Commission Membership

Previous work or experience in the fields of affordable housing, real estate, development/construction, financing, legal, and urban planning.

Agendas & Minutes


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