Transportation Commission

Elmwood Avenue Traffic Calming Survey

Please see the below links for more information on the Elmwood Avenue proposed traffic calming measures as well as a link to the Google Docs Survey. Please note that only one survey response (by mail or electronic) per household will be counted.

Kimley-Horn Kenilworth Gardens Neighborhood Traffic Calming Evaluation

Elmwood Avenue Proposed Speed Bumps Map

Survey Link

The Transportation Commission shall perform the following duties:

  • Designate areas to be posted “no parking 2:00 a.m. to 5:00 a.m.” and conduct the hearing procedure therefor in Section 13-8.4 of this code.
  • Designate residential permit parking areas in accordance with the survey and hearing procedure specified in Sections 13-8.21.113-8.21.2 and 13-8.21.3 of this code.
  • Conduct such studies as the Village Board may request of it from time to time and make such recommendations as are appropriate.
  • Designate locations in the village where it is necessary to place school crossing guards; such designations shall be pursuant to and in accordance with the report for evaluating needs for crossing guards.
  • Monitor transportation issues within the village and recommend to the Village Board ways to coordinate village, other public, and private transportation actions to increase efficiency, effectiveness, and safety.
  • Act as liaison with PACE, CTA, RTA, METRA, and other public and private entities which provide transportation services affecting the Village of Wilmette.


  • Libby Braband, Chair
    • Reappointed 10/14/18. Term ends 10/14/22.
  • Isaac Gaetz
    • Reappointed 6/23/19. Term ends 6/23/23.
  • Jill Hayes
    • Reappointed 10/27/19. Term ends 10/27/23.
  • Andrew Levy
    • Appointed 6/11/19. Term ends 6/11/23.
  • Benjamin Schmitt
    • Appointed 5/8/18. Term ends 5/8/22.
  • Randall Tyner
    • Appointed 4/23/19. Term ends 4/23/23.
  • Matthew Ginsberg
    • Appointed 8/24/21. Term ends 8/24/25.

Staff Liaison

Dan Manis, Village Engineer

Commissioners serve a four year term, for a maximum of two terms.

If you are interested in serving on this or any other board or commission, complete and submit the Talent Bank Questionnaire found here.

Preferred Qualifications for Commission Membership

Previous work or experience in transportation-related industries including, civil engineering, site plan development, traffic and parking studies, public transportation systems, bike and pedestrian studies.

Agendas & Minutes


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