Employment Opportunities

How to Apply:  https://wilmette.munisselfservice.com/ess/employmentopportunities/default.aspx

Compensation and Benefits for Full-time and Part-time Employees

The Village of Wilmette offers a competitive and comprehensive benefits package, please follow the link below to review full-time and part-time employment benefits.

Full-time Compensation and Benefits

Part-time Compensation and Benefits

Starting on January 20, 2020, the Village of Wilmette will transition from paper applications to an online employment application process.  The Village will be using Munis by Tyler Technologies which has the ability to accept online applications.  With this transition, the Village will not accept paper applications for full-time and part-time positions. The Village will accept paper applications only for seasonal and temporary positions, such as Crossing Guard, Leaf Collector, and Landscape Assistant. To prepare for completing an online employment application, please note the following:

  1. For Employment Opportunities and the Online Employment Application, please visit Munis Self-Service at https://wilmette.munisselfservice.com/ess/employmentopportunities/default.aspx
  1. Apply for every interested position(s). Applications will not remain active once the position has been filled.
  1. Please read the Application Instructions and view each position’s job announcement to determine if you meet the minimum requirements and selective certification (if applicable) before applying.
  1. Attach resume, cover letter and any other educational document, certification, license, etc. to your online application. Your application and attachments must be received by the job-opening deadline (if specified).
  1. If you have any questions regarding the online application process, please send an email to HumanResources@wilmette.com.

Firefighter/Paramedic (full-time)

Wilmette Firefighter information and Application can be found on this link:  Wilmette FD Firefighter Application

The Village of Wilmette will be conducting a competitive testing process to establish a Firefighter Eligibility List beginning in August 2020.  To be eligible for placement on Wilmette’s eligibility list, candidates must have a High School Diploma or equivalent (GED) plus one of the following: 60 hours of education from an accredited college or university; two years of military service, Office of the Illinois State Fire Marshal’s Firefighter II/Basic Operations Firefighter Certification or current EMT – Paramedic license.  The salary range for this position is $70,750 – $105,073 with excellent benefits.

The Board of Fire and Police Commissioners derives its power and authority from an Act of the General Assembly entitled Board of Fire and Police Commissioners, of Chapter 65 of the Illinois Compiled Statutes. The Wilmette Board of Fire and Police Commissioners is charged with the appointment of all firefighters. To be considered for employment, candidates must meet the following requirements*:

  • 21 to under 35 years of age by date of written exam unless otherwise exempt by state statute;
  • U.S. Citizen;
  • Valid driver’s license;
  • Must successfully complete the Candidate Physical Ability Test (CPAT) and Aerial Ladder Climb Exercise within a ONE YEAR PERIOD prior to the date of the written exam.
  • High School Diploma or equivalent (GED) PLUS ONE of the following:
    • Sixty (60) hours of education from an accredited college or university;
    • Two (2) years of military service;
    • Illinois State Fire Marshall’s Firefighter II/Basic Operations Firefighter certification;
    • Current EMT – Paramedic license from any state or national registration.

*Note that requirements are subject to change.  Please check back frequently for updated employment requirements.

The Village of Wilmette established a Final Eligibility Register for Firefighter employment on November 24, 2018 which will remain in effect until November 24, 2020. Please click the link below to view the Final Eligibility Register.

Final Eligibility Register

The Village is an Equal Opportunity Employer

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