Green Initiatives

The Village of Wilmette is committed to promoting and creating a more sustainable environment through energy efficiency, improved stormwater management, water conservation, pollution reduction, and recycling.

For information on Wilmette’s Green Initiatives and tips on how you can lead a more sustainable life, please click on the links to the left.

Village Board Endorses Sustainability Effort

On Tuesday, August 28, 2018, the Wilmette Village Board passed a resolution endorsing the Metropolitan Mayors Caucus’ Greenest Region Compact (GRC). To date, more than 70 communities have signed the GRC, which addresses ten areas, including climate, economic development, energy, land, leadership, mobility, municipal operations, sustainable communities, water, and waste & recycling.

The consensus goals of the Compact help guide coordinated efforts across the region to enhance quality of life for residents, protection and stewardship of the environment, and sustainable economic vitality. It was created by bringing together common goals and practical strategies from all 275 member communities of the Metropolitan Mayors Caucus. By adopting the GRC, Wilmette joins forces with municipal leaders in creating a more sustainable region.

The GRC also provides a Framework for municipalities to implement their own sustainability plans. The Village’s Environmental & Energy Commission will now work toward implementing a comprehensive sustainability plan in accordance with the Greenest Region Compact.

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