Green Event Tips

Follow these simple suggestions to make your event a low or no waste affair:

1. Assign a “Green Leader” or “Green Committee” to oversee the environmental impact of your event. Make sure that all other planners and committees know that they will have the support and guidance of this committee.

2. Pre-plan early to reduce waste and minimize the carbon foot print of the event – reduce the use of paper, plastic, fuel, energy and water. Reduce all unnecessary consumption.

3. Meet with all vendors and suppliers with clear guidelines before you commit to them to make sure they are on board.

4. Purchase materials that can be consumed, reused, or recycled. Avoid styrofoam & unrecyclable plastic.

5. Try to limit or avoid single – use plastic items such as table cloths, silverware, glasses and plates. Consider renting supplies.

6. Consider packaging and transportation impact before buying or ordering food items.

7. If water bottles must be used, recycle them after use. Reusable water bottles are a better choice.

8. Recycle all recyclable waste. Pair every waste can with a recycling bin with clear signage indicating what goes where.

9. Make sure that all trash is picked up and disposed of appropriately after the event. Make sure you have “green” volunteers assigned to the clean up team, so that recyclables are not put into the garbage.

10. Remind those attending in advance communications to consider walking, biking, carpooling or taking public transportation to the event. Adopt a no-idling policy for cars and trucks delivering supplies.

11. Communicate expectations to all members of your planning team.

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