Permeable Pavement

What is permeable pavement?

Permeable pavement, as opposed to traditional or impermeable pavement, is a special form of pavement with a porous surface and an underlying stone reservoir to temporarily store stormwater runoff before it infiltrates into the subsoil, thereby reducing runoff.

What are some benefits of permeable pavement?

Traditional pavement systems allow for little or no water filtration, so that rainwater or snowmelt that contacts the surface is carried into waterways through drainage systems. The porous surface of permeable pavement allows for the reduction of runoff as it absorbs stormwater, therefore acting as form of stormwater management. Additionally, permeable pavement systems improve water quality and filter pollutants from the runoff. When runoff passes through a permeable paving system, soil particles act as filters “scrubbing” the rainwater before it drains to surface waters and groundwater aquifers.

The Village encourages residents to consider the use of permeable pavement for driveways and other surfaces. There are many variables that affect the feasibility and type of permeable pavement for specific locations, so be sure to discuss their use with your contractor. For more information on permeable pavement, please contact the Engineering Department at 847-853-7660.