Village Facilities

The following green initiatives have been implemented at Village facilities:

Village Hall / Public Works / Fire Stations

Water Plant

  • Fluorescent bulbs and several lights on motion sensors/timers
  • Electric heaters replaced with portable heaters that are used when needed
  • Replacement of larger 1,200,000 BTU boiler with more efficient 900,000 BTU hot water boiler
  • The heating system for two thirds of the plant with point of use thermostats for each area. This improvement eliminated the need for one of the steam boilers to heat large portion of building.
  • All new pumps selected with high efficiency motors.
  • Replacement of roof with energy efficient and sustainable roof designed for a 30 year life span.
    • Using vegetated roofing systems, green roofs will be installed on all new roof areas to assist in blending the new structures with their surroundings and extend the life-cycle of these roofs. The installation is scheduled for May 2020.
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