Food Manager Certification

What is food service manager certification?

  • An employee with a valid Food Service Manager Certification is required on premises at all times of establishments which have a Food Handler 1 or Food handler 2 License.
  • Any new establishment shall have a certified manager from the initial day of operation or provide documentation of enrollment in an approved course to be completed within three months.
  • If the certified manager leaves, the establishment has three months to employ another certified manager. Arrangements should be made to enroll in the food certification class before the opening of a new establishment.

Why is a certification important?

Knowledge of food safety and sanitation is important for all foodservice workers, but especially for managers and chefs. Managers and chefs have the responsibility to educate staff and the ability to anticipate problems before they become violations. A base understanding of food safety and the regulations is taught in the certification class.

What to do?

Click here for a list of IDPH approved Food Service Sanitation Certification and Refresher Course Providers. As a reminder, candidates must take the course before becoming eligible to take the exam.

Continuing Education

Since October 1, 1999 the State of Illinois has required that in addition to the fee, candidates must complete a refresher course which provides 5 hours of continuing educational hours (units) within the 5 year timeframe to maintain certification. The courses are offerred by the same providers referenced above.