Nuisance Complaints

The Health Department’s goal is the minimize the potential for human disease, discomfort, injury, and annoyance by nuisance.

The following items are investigated as nuisances:

  • All decayed or unwholesome food offered for sale to the public
  • Accumulations of rubbish, refuse, noxious or offensive wastes
  • Dense fumes, noxious fumes, the presence of gas, smoke, fumes or other toxic substances from equipment of any premises sufficient to be toxic, harmful, or injurious to health
  • All infestations of vermin which may be involved in the transmission of communicable disease
  • To rent or lease quarters for human habitation which are declared unfit for human habitation
  • Abandoned pools or ponds which may contribute to the transmission of West Nile Virus

To file a nuisance complaint, please contact the Village Sanitarian at 847-853-7508 or