Pest Control

While it is not possible to completely eliminate rats from the community, the Village is actively seeking to reduce rat activity as much as possible. To be most successful in this effort involves action on the part of both private individuals and the Village.

The Village has hired Envirosafe Pest Management to address areas of known and suspected rat activity on the public way (primarily alleys). Village residents and businesses can help by removing food and water sources and pursuing abatement efforts on private property. For more information or to report a rat sighting, contact Village staff at

Envirosafe Pest Management will:

  • bait, collapse, and inspect rat burrows on public property.
  • place signage in alleys that are baited.
  • service rat baiting stations on public property each week as well as all areas on public property within 300 feet of known burrows.

Village staff will:

  • provide recommendations to property owners to prevent or eliminate infestations.
  • conduct inspections to ensure that properties are adequately baiting and trapping rat dens and burrows.
  • provide courtesy inspections of private property identify potential vermin problems, assess sanitation practices, and provide remediation recommendations.
  • enforce laws as necessary to assist in eradication.

To ensure your property is less attractive to rats, consider the following:

  • Avoid feeding/watering household pets outside
  • Store dry pet food and bird seed in rodent-proof containers
  • Make sure that garbage cans have tight fitting, secure lids
  • Provide additional garbage cans if garbage is overflowing existing cans
  • Replace garbage cans or dumpsters with holes in the lids or bottoms
  • Wash recyclable materials thoroughly
  • Remove all rubble and junk from your property – old tires, improperly stored wood or firewood, rock piles, mulch piles, abandoned cars and furniture are all attractive nesting places for rats
  • Keep vegetation neatly trimmed to avoid over grown conditions – rats harbor in leaf clutter
  • Pick up fallen fruit or vegetables
  • Maintain building foundations under sheds, porches, and garages
  • Limit feeding of birds and other wildlife
  • Keep grills and surrounding areas free of grease and food

If you observe rats on your property, additional control efforts may be necessary beyond the tips above.  You may need to hire a private pest control contractor to evaluate your property and to put out traps or take other measures. To find a pest control contractor, search the yellow pages or online.